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The Company

Dyoptr is the exclusive US distributor of Quadoa Optical CAD software. We provide sales, technical support, and training services to US based customers. Quadoa software is developed and maintained by Quadoa Optical Systems GmbH.

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The Partnership

Dyoptr partnered with Quadoa to provide genuine value to optical designers in a market space that hasn’t seen significant innovation in decades. Many people in the optics industry have wondered why there hasn’t been a serious new competitor in the market for a long time. Quadoa’s paradigm is powerful and intuitive, the UI is best in class, and the price is considerably lower than most competitors.

The Name

Dyoptr is an intentional misspelling of the unit of optical power: diopter or dioptre (depending on which side of the Atlantic Ocean you’re from). It is pronounced the same.

The Team

Akash Arora

Akash Arora


Akash holds a MS Optical Sciences from the University of Arizona’s Wyant College of Optical Sciences. He worked for over 9 years at Zemax and went on to engineer augmented reality systems for Huawei and Microsoft. He has used every major optical design software package on the market. His experience as both a provider and customer of optical design software give him a unique perspective on the needs and challenges of the market space.