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Next-Gen Optical Design Software

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The Modern Optical Design Software You’ve Been Waiting For

Quadoa Optical CAD combines a modern UI with a breakthrough modeling paradigm to give optical designers a new simulation tool that is both powerful and intuitive. It provides a complete solution for optical design, analysis, optimization, and tolerancing.

Modern User Interface

Quadoa Optical CAD provides a visually stunning and user-friendly interface. The software utilizes best-in-class software libraries, ensuring a graphically rich, responsive, and intuitive experience. It simplifies optical design for beginners and experts.

Object-Based Modeling

Quadoa Optical CAD utilizes object-based modeling, where 3D objects and assemblies represent the optical system. This beneficial approach offers flexibility and ease of use, allowing you to position components in global or relative coordinates. It also offers advantages for tolerance analysis.

Multi-Sequential Raytracing

Quadoa Optical CAD’s multi-sequential raytracing feature allows you to define ray sequences independent of the optical component definition. This breakthrough functionality simplifies your modeling process and enables robust multi-path modeling.

Powerful Toolboxes

Quadoa Optical CAD includes powerful toolboxes that offer additional functionalities and enhance your overall design capability. Add-on features include wave optics, mechanical CAD integration, and scripting APIs for MATLAB, Python, and C++.  


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