Polarization Elements

Learn how to add polarization elements such as wave plates and Jones matrices. 


In this video, I will show you how we can add polarization elements to a lens surface.

The model here is the model with the name polarization order, which you also can find in the example folder.

In that model, I’ve added here two polarization elements, a quarter wave plate, and here a half wave plate, and I’ve assigned to those two elements different surface actions as you can see here.

So for the quarter wave plate, I’ve assigned the surface action transmission, which means that for every transmission in our system, the quarter wave plate will apply.

And the half wave plate is assigned to surface action reflection, which means that for every reflection in our system, the half wave plate will apply.

In the third d view, we can also see here that our light, which comes here from the source, is here horizontally polarized.

And after the reflection here in surface one, which is the the blue sequence here, the light is vertically polarized because here for the reflection, this half wave plate here applies.

Instead of the transmission here, which we can see here, the the red, part of the light, we see that here the horizontally polarized light becomes circular polarized because here the quarter wave plate applies for the transmission, as we defined here.

We can also add another polarization element and assign this element to a single sequence, and for that, we just click here on the surface where we would like to add the polarization element with the right mouse button, and then we select here new polarization.

And now, for example, we select here the general Jones matrix.

And now we can here specify our Jones metrics. So for example, like a polarization filter here.

And if you take a look here now in the system setup at our sequence where we would like to assign here this Jones metrics, we will go here to the surface list.

And here, under the Jones metrics drop down, we can now select that for this sequence here, the Jones matrix with the number three, so this is the first, the second, and this is the third Jones matrix, should apply.

So this means that for this sequence here, the sequence number two, the Jones matrix with the number three will apply.

Thank you for watching.