Sensitivity and Monte Carlo Tolerancing

Learn how to perform sensitivity and Monte Carlo tolerance analyses. 


In the first video, we defined these tolerances here. And in this video, we will perform a tolerance analysis by analyzing these tolerances with a sensitivity analysis and with a Monte Carlo simulation.

So we will start with the sensitivity analysis.

With the sensitivity analysis, we analyze the impact of these tolerances here on our merit function of the system.

And when we click here on the sensitivity analysis, we can choose here the merit function and we click okay.

And the result, what we get here, is the impact of the different tolerances on my merit function starting with the worst here on the top. This means that if I move here the lens a three, so this lens here in position set has the most impact on my merit function here.

And for a positive perturbation, we get this end value with a value change in regard to our nominal value of two point two.

And for the negative perturbation, we get these values here.

The second analysis is the Monte Carlo simulation.

Here we can define the number of samples we would like to analyze. So in my case, I would like to analyze one hundred samples.

Again, here the merit function one, and here we can save the best and the worst system. So we click here this checkbox, and now we click on okay.

And now we get here the result with one hundred samples, and we see here the sample number fifty one is the best with this value here of the merit function and here the sample seventy eight is the worst with that value here of the merit function.

And we also can open the system because we saved them here.

So we can open here the best system.

So this is the system and we can check here these values, and we can open also the worst system.

And also here we can check the values which are inserted.

Thank you for watching.